Pest Control Guide

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Pest Control Company




Pest control is vital because it keeps your home safe and clean. To ensure that your pest problem is dealt with successfully, you need to hire a professional exterminator. This, therefore, means that you have dedicate your time to search for one. Outlined in this article are the top 5 questions to ask your potential pest control company before hiring.


1.  How Much Experience Do You Have?


The extermination company you want to engage must have extensive experience in the type of pest problem you have. Make sure they have dealt with a similar problem before. Ask about the procedure they used to eliminate the pests in order to ascertain their level of experience.


2.  Are the Chemicals You Use Safe for Human Health?


It is true some pest control hazardous chemicals. Even if the chemicals may not show instant side effects on human body, they may start showing up in future. So, it is good to ask whether the chemicals they use are safe for both humans and plants around your home.


3.  How Long Do I Have to Be Away From Home or Business Premise?


Ask to know how long you should take a break before you get back to the house or office. In most cases, no one should leave the premise during spraying. But for special cases, such as small children and pregnant mothers staying out for some hours is highly recommended. So, you should ask about this before hiring their services.


4.  Do You Offer a Service Warranty?


A reliable pest control companies in kannapolis firm has to offer a warranty. A service guarantee is good because in case the pest return to the premise the company has to come and get rid of them free of charge. If possible, consider choosing a company that have a lengthy warranty.


5.  Can You Provide a List of References Upon Request?


Always ask for a list of references before hiring any exterminator out there. With the list, you can call people who used the service provider before. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision. To understand more about pest control, visit


To conclude, you should invest your time properly to search for a professional pest control company. Remember these professionals are never created the same in any way. So, you have to interview several of them before making your final decision. You should consider asking all the above questions and get answers so as to make an informed choice.