Pest Control Guide

Local Pest Control Company: Understanding Natural Pest Control Methods


Pests can pose destructive effects to gardens, households and businesses when they're not controlled. A real nuisance, pests spread disease, destroy homes, and consume plants and vegetables. The two types of pest control measures are natural and chemical. Natural pest control measures utilize biological or organic materials for reducing infestation, while chemical pest control measures employ potent chemicals such as pesticides for reducing or eliminating pests. Both methods can be used with varying advantages and disadvantages, so it is a must to research on these methods and decide what is best for you.


Natural pest control measures aim to decrease or eliminate pests without causing harm to crops, humans and other organisms. It employs usage of insects or plants in controlling pests especially in the agricultural environment. Companion planting is one method used in drawing insects away from crops, or cultivation of insects that serve as pests' food. Chemical pest control measures are cheaper than natural pest control methods, readily available and with immediate results. It can be applied through aerial spraying or systematically ingested by pests, and are very effective in controlling pests on large areas of agricultural land and households. Chemical pesticides can affect humans and animals caused by its residual effects, thus careful application is needed to avoid waterways contamination, killing livestock and pets. To know more about pest control, visit


For natural local exterminator pest control methods, you can try making your own all-purpose pest spray repellents using vinegar and chili peppers, utilize companion planting for attracting beneficial animals and insects, use borax in controlling fleas and termites, cornmeal to get rid of ants, nematodes to protect vegetables and plants from harmful pests, or employing praying mantis to eat insect eggs, caterpillars, mosquitoes and other types of pests. Borax powder or sodium borate is widely available in cleaning products that can be used in controlling flea and termites. Meanwhile, cornmeal is beneficial in controlling ants, because it disrupts their scent trails, leading to confusion and they become lost. Ants are not also able to digest cornmeal causing difficulty of breathing, thereby killing them. Soapy water can be sprayed onto ants and the places they occupy or breed on and they'll be gone in no time. Same is true with cinnamon, ants don't like it so they get away in places where cinnamon is present.


If pests are still there, it is best to contact a professional pest control company from to help you ensure that these are eliminated from your property. A trusted and reliable pest control company has the right knowledge, skills, equipment and supplies to guarantee pest control and eradication.